Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why the Candy Wrapper?

Picture this:
You were invited to eat out this Shabbos. You go from store to store looking for a gift to give your hostess. After a few unsuccessful shopping trips, you end up back at the grocery store staring at the same wine you did last time.πŸ˜‘  
Shabbos comes and you are feeling excited to spend time with friends and glad to have not cooked or prepared!😁
You walk into their house and hand them your bottle of wine🍷. You then turn around and see that the other two guests each hand bottles of wine to the hostess as well!!



Come and get candy, chocolate, and fruit for all of your needs! We have the hard-to-get candy with a constant change in variety! Not only will your tray be an exciting change, it will be a guaranteed non-recyclable host gift! Majority of the trays can be reused for other purposes and will be a memento that lasts forever!  

Beautiful platters and trays for Shabbos, Simchot, Chagim, dessert, sleeping hosts and much more!! 

**Please note

  • The variety of candy/chocolate/fruit that you see in the following pictures will change from time to time.
  • When ordering, please give advance notice. 
  • The Candy Wrapper is under the certification of the Ahavas Torah Center in Henderson, NV.